Praise for Brandscaping




Finally a framework…

Brian Massey | Author of Your Customer Creation Equation


“There are thousands of ways to put content marketing to work in our businesses. Finally, we have a framework with which to implement content of all kinds — the Brandscape. Chock full of examples, Brandscaping architects the process of reaching out to prospects and customers with a consistent eye toward growing our brands and businesses. This is a must-read for any modern marketer.”


…Redefining tired notions…

Mike O’Toole | President and Partner, PJA Advertising


“Brandscaping holds the promise of redefining tired notions of paid, earned and owned media. Drew Davis shares dozens of great stories of companies that have grown their markets by forming unconventional partnerships to create content their audiences can’t get enough of.”



Steve Rotter | Vice President, Marketing, Brightcove & technology entrepreneur


“Brandscaping crystallizes the very complex issues facing marketers today with an amazing blend of home-run success stories, in the trenches insight and an optimistic challenge for every business leader to ask: “what if”?”


You must read this book!

Bob Sacks | President, Precision Media Group


“Filled with the common sense solutions that sometimes elude us all, Brandscaping enables you to leverage your content as an asset instead of an expense. It arms you with a new way of thinking about a still evolving digital age.”


Pioneering thinking from a true pioneer…

Russell Sparkman | President & CEO, Fusionspark Media


“In today’s marketing communications environment, content is gold. Of the many properties that gold shares with content, two of the more fascinating properties are currency and conductivity. In Brandscaping, Andrew Davis pulls back the curtain on how brands can leverage the “currency” property of content to establish mutually beneficial partnerships, and how the “conductivity” property of content leverages each partner’s audiences to mutually spread awareness through Shares, Likes and other means of word-of-mouth promotions. This is pioneering thinking from a true pioneer. In fact, it is its own brick of content gold!”


…An intellectual adventure and a practical guide…

Nick Patrissi National Marketing Director & Business Development | Trend Offset Printing


“Brandscaping is one of the few business books that’s both an intellectual adventure and a practical guide at the same time. Andrew Davis’ entertaining case studies and novel ideas bring new life to established marketing traditions with a singular vision that’s often difficult for most of us to see. You hold in your hands a solid marketing blueprint designed specifically to impact and accelerate your sales pipeline in the digital age. Let your brandscaping adventure begin!”